Overview of Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing Process

  • Rough Machining
  • General Grinding
  • Electrical Discharge Machining
  • Electrode Fabrication
  • Wire Electrical Discharge Machining
  • Precision Grinding & Cutting
  • Finishing & Assembly


Programming die design and NC machining.

We program our NC machining center based on our clients' drawing from die design to manufacturing. Zeno Tech offers an integrated system of production.

Rough Machining
Before undergoing heat treatment, procured materials are cut using a NC lathe, NC milling machine and machining center. The contour and dimensions of the materials are prepared by rough milling to ensure that post heat treatment grinding and electric discharge machining time is kept to a minimum.

General Grinding
We primarily undertake the creation of reference planes for use in our manufacturing processes, internal/external diameter finishing of cylinders, end grinding and parallel grinding of both ends using cylindrical grinding machines, internal grinding machines and surface grinding machines. Because any surface can become a reference plane, our work is conducted carefully and with high precision.

Electrical Discharge Machining
Cutting of steel and sintered hard alloys that have undergone hardening through heat treatment is a difficult process. Although we use NC electrial discharge machines, in order to keep the deterioration of the steel's surface layer to a minimum and simplify the polishing process, we primarily use oil bath electric discharge machining to produce the end face of dies etc. Chamfering and outer contour machining is also undertaken in this process.

Electrode Fabrication
Fabrication of a variety of electrodes is essential for electric discharge die sinking. We primarily fabricate copper electrodes using small machine tools such as the NC lathe, NC milling machine and machining center. Since the quality and accuracy of die sinking electrical discharge machining is determined by the quality of electrodes fabricated, this process is extremely important to die makers.

Wire Electrical Discharge Machining

This process involves machining the curved surface of dies made from sintered hard alloys or hardened steel using the NC wire electric discharge machine. The curved surface consists of two dimensions, such as the inner surface of the die, and the outer perimeter of the core punch. With electrical discharge machining, any material that conducts electricity, regardless of hardness, can be machined with ease. Machining of difficult shapes and taper machining can also be performed.

Precision Grinding & Cutting

This process involves the contour machining of difficult shapes and high precision finishing of holes, using the NC form grinding machine, NC jig grinding machine, and profile grinding machine.
The grindstone is first fabricated on the NC form grinding machine, after which it is used for the contour machining work. The NC jig grinding machine is used for precise internal diameter machining and outer contour machining.

Finishing & Assembly
Finishing is a manual process, and our products are polished by hand.