Overview of All Business Line

We manufacture a variety of die tooling specializing primarily in powder metallurgy die tooling.

Powder Metallurgy Die Tooling

Sintered parts for the automotive industry.
Die tooling for oil pump parts, timing belt pulleys, clutch parts, ABS parts, door/trunk interlock parts, power steering parts, sunroof parts, synchro parts etc.

Sintered parts for household appliances and OA equipment.
Die tooling for exterior air-conditioner unit compressors, hard disk parts, small precision motor bearing parts etc.

Sintered parts are precision parts manufactured by press molding fine metal powder in a precision die (powder metallurgy die), which is then hardened by heating (sintering).

Popular for their high material yield rate and high precision, sintered parts are an essential part of the automotive and electrical appliance industries, making it possible to produce complex shapes and mass produce lightweight products.

Stamping Die Tooling

Precision fine blanking stamping die tooling set for electronic industries.
Employing a high quality of material and perfection design of Single or Progressive Blanking die tooling set mainly for electronic appliances, PCB board, camera precision optical instrument and automobile.

Ceramic Die Tooling

Manufactured to ascertain maximum tooling efficiency, durability and superior performance for ceramic electronic industry, component primarily capacitors, sensor and high frequency parts.

Forging Die Tooling

Specialized in manufacturing forging die tooling for product of spiral bevel gears, straight bevel gears, shaft, bearing parts and driving system parts of automotives. Ensuring the precision forging die tooling tough enough that you can count on.